Application Information

Applications must be completed online by April 30th. A limited number of completed applications per region are accepted every year. If we reach any regional quota before April 30th, the application window for that region will close early. Please ensure that you submit your complete application as early as possible to be considered.

The Smiles4Canada application includes the following information:

Patient Information:

Basic information about you, your child, and your family.

Proof of Age:

A digital copy of the child’s birth certificate or government-issued document with the child’s date of birth (e.g. passport, immigration document, provincial health card).

Personal Reference Form:

A reference letter, written by someone other than a relative, explaining how the child is affected by his/her/their teeth and smile, and what his/her/their character is.

Digital Photos of Child’s Teeth:

You will provide 6 specific digital pictures to help us determine the need and the amount of work to be done.

Financial Information:

Income information for all the child’s parents/guardians provided via digital copies of Canada Revenue Agency’s Notice of Assessment and Full/Tax Returns.

Dental Examination Form:

A form completed by your child’s general dentist based on a recent examination.

Patient Personal Statement:

To assess how committed they are, we ask your child to share with us his/her/their reasons for receiving treatment, and the steps you both are prepared to take to ensure the treatment is successful.

Program Rules, Expectations and Release Form:

You agree to ensure that your child maintains good oral hygiene, adheres to the orthodontic treatment plan, and receives any necessary additional dental work.

Download and review the How to Apply guide before you begin your application online.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Smiles4Canada evaluate my application?

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Why didn’t my child get accepted in the Smiles4Canada program?

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How much will I have to pay for my child’s treatment, if accepted into the program?

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What treatment options are available to my child? Can I choose a product?

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Can I apply to Smiles4Canada if my child is already seeing an orthodontist?

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Can the orthodontist stop or refuse to complete the treatment?

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